Celebrating 10 years of heavy noise

September 17th | 20.00 | Rockcafé Backstage Nijmegen

This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Rockcafé backstage in Nijmegen together with Massive Assault and STARK. Let us know you are coming check the FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/145668325843313/

Massive Assault

Diesel truck grinding guitar sound, pounding drums, supercharged bass and aggressive vocals are merged into the band called Massive Assault.
DEATH METAL the old school way.
The band is known for their impressive guitarsound, energetic live performance and musical qualities.


STARK plays D-beat-metal-hardcore-punk and then some. Inspired by the likes of All Pigs Must Die, Discharge, Doomriders, Minor Threat, Wolfbrigade, See You Next Tuesday, Suicidal Tendencies, Converge, Pulling Teeth, Rich Kids on LSD, Entombed…

10 jaar show panoptikon